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5 Things that should not be on your Facebook

I just read an interesting computer graphics on the crimes that have been committed and resolved on Facebook. In one of these stories featured was bound friendship a breaking in the House of the victim by a man, she was discovered later on Facebook with just a week before!

facebook wallpaper 5 Things That Shouldnt Be On Your Facebook
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This just goes to show that the things you put on Facebook: your private data, your photos, your thoughts and preferences. they can be used against you. So despite the therapeutic sense Facebook offers you, you really need to consider what you put on your page Facebook.

Here's a list of five things that I suggest should not be on your Facebook page, starting with:

List of your friend is a very personal place. The 5000 "limit of friending" is not a challenge, there is really not any pressure to push the number higher than you need. Where am I going with this? Keep the patterns, managers, supervisors or even colleagues in your friend list. No matter what your relationship with anyone of these categories, it is better to keep your professional life separate from your personal life. To begin with, if the work gets you down, you can always write the articles on this subject without looking over your virtual shoulder all the time.

Although it may not be a good career speak poorly of your workplace, it is a valid stress relief form, particularly when you get in the wind without worrying about a return of stick. Leave this option open for yourself by keeping your free Facebook territory of persons at work.

We can hardly resist to share photos of our lives. For some, it is a scene funny, comforting or proud warmly shared with friends. For others, it is a boost to self-esteem. Albums after albums of houses, children, instead of working, a drinking party, purchases, travel holiday, pets and family mark seeks to paint a picture of what a wonderful life I have. How is yours?

facebook album 5 Things That Shouldnt Be On Your Facebook
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But when you share too much info on your page, this is an invitation to the difficulty, in particular, if you easily display pictures of your home, your furniture and personal effects, where your children go to school, what you have given your wife for his last birthday or your last purchase of gadget of the month. Brandi is fine, but you do not want to be more revealing than what you want in the eyes of the homeless.

In addition, it throws your argument of "wanting to keep all", what remains of your private life private by the window. You have control over what photos to post. To use it.

You are a prolific series tagger? You must obtain this healed addiction. It is not really advisable to constantly tag your comings and goings, especially when you same tag where your House is (believe me, there are people that do that). Experts advised always us not to limit our lives to the predictable routines because that is how criminals to know when your House. And it is the years pre-Facebook.

In addition, stop announcing to the world when you are away from home (in Phuket for the whole of next week!) or when you are alone in the House (alone at home, googly-bear has a Conference in Australia, once more).The only thing missing from the photos where you keep your keys and objects of value, but we will not make easier that it is already now.

You can call it paranoia, but if you look at some of the walls of your friend Facebook and do a bit of homework, you can really take a mini-heist or two. For the record, we do not dare you, but now you know it can be done.

It is never a good idea to write a letter in anger or by email on anyone to anyone. But the level of inhibition is not as high when it comes to Facebook statuses. Apart from private way, you retain your page, there are people who watch what you type. What they see painted a mental image of you in their heads, which gets modified all the time, that they get to know you better.

Being too critical and people calling the names of four-letter never help. And as you may think that this is my Facebook page and I have the right to write what I think or feel at this time, even you know deep inside that he will come to haunt you one day. Your opinions and thoughts will vary you grow older, but the Facebook statutes remain forever. Note me: this photograph is going to come back and haunt me someday.

All the things on this list that you should not post, if you can choose only one, it should be this. The figures of your date of birth to keep a secret.

facebook birthday 5 Things That Shouldnt Be On Your Facebook
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Why? You know birthdays are good for outside to remind everyone to add an another candle on your cake to chocolate? Yeah, passwords and emails, Web sites and online accounts. Do not deny it.

Asked to provide a password of 6 to 8 characters, the first thing that appears in your mind will probably a variation of your date of birth or date of birth of someone close to you. But if you must put your birthday (just to feel love Facebook reminders have to offer), consider showing is not the year you were born.

And there you have 5 things that should be on your Facebook wall. Have something you want to add to the list?

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